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Transbiaga GROUP



TRANSBIAGA is a family company born in 1981. From its origins, now run by a second generation, it has grown to become the international Business Group it is today.

Founded on a serious, professional approach, on safety and the constant effort of its entire human team, the company has achieved progressive growth. Since the origins of TRANSBIAGA TRANSPORTES, based on national transport, and its subsequent expansion into international transport, it has always worked with large-tonnage MOBILE CRANES, having progressed to complement both activities in recent years with the assembly of all kinds of structures.

The TRANSBIAGA Group combines an enormously experienced and professional human team with a state-of-the-art fleet of equipment and machinery by leading brands, thanks to which it can offer a complete and integral transport, mobile crane and assembly service.

Its national and international transport activity is carried out with a modern and constantly renewed fleet of trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, operated by skilled, experienced workers. This means that we can provide all kinds of transport to a wide range of clients and for all sorts of geographical settings.

Our lifting equipment, with large-tonnage self-propelled cranes, combined with highly qualified and licensed workers makes us a benchmark in the lifting sector for all kinds of manoeuvres, and particularly those involving a higher degree of difficulty.

Thanks to the preparation and qualification of its human team, and to the capacity of its cranes and transport fleet, the TRANSBIAGA Group has an ingredient that sets it apart from other companies and business groups: quite simply its highly proven competence in performing projects that combine transport, lifting and assembly equipment in a single contract. We can therefore offer our clients a cheaper and more efficient service, something which has undoubtedly promoted the TRANSBIAGA Group to its position of world leader in the field of wind farm assembly.

The group headquarters in Ordizia (Gipuzkoa) coordinate and supervise the administration, logistics, human resources, quality and health & safety work of all companies and branches in the group.

Goierri Valley


Knowledge of the capabilities of the valley allows  to bring together, develop  and manage the wide range of products as well as comprehensive, innovative, competitive and tailor-made industrial solutions worldwide.
Located in the valley of Goierri (Basque Country), it lead the industrial transformation of the valley through the real and active collaboration of the associated companies, sharing knowledge and innovating to guarantee the industrial competitiveness and future sustainability of our environment.


Our commitment to quality, the environment and health & safety is acknowledged in the certificates: