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Installation services, supervision and inspection of wind farms

Electromechanical assembly of wind farms

The assembly of steel and concrete wind turbines is a complex task requiring a huge experience due to the volume and weight of the pieces handled, in addition to the height at which the work takes place.

This assembly, complicated in itself, is affected by the adverse weather conditions that often afflict wind farms, particularly wind, making perfect planning and the optimization of time an obligation.

The services offered by TRANSBIAGA include:

  • Concrete tower assembly
  • Filling of joints with concrete with 100m height pumping
  • Electromechanical assembly of Nacelle, Hub and Blades
  • Bolt tightening with hydraulic pumps
  • Assembly and installation of lifts
  • Assembly and installation of safety lines.
  • Complete turbine cabling
  • 35.000v transformer cabling.
  • Fiber reparations

Specialised wind farm supervision and inspection service

The correct supervision of a wind farm is key to its successful completion. That is why we have specialized technicians, highly trained and experienced in the supervision of all stages involved in the erection of a wind farm.