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Assembly of the Ablitas y Cabanillas II wind farm 2020/03/10

Completing services at Tirapu wind farm, Transbiaga will start work on another wind farm located in the Foral Community of Navarra. Specifically, it is the Ablitas and Cabanillas II wind farm. The Wind Tower Generators will be 27 Aw132 machines, 120 m high and with a nominal power of 3,465 MW each.


The approximate construction period will be 15 months. It will involve the creation of between 250 and 300 jobs during the different phases of execution.


Assembly of the Ablitas y Cabanillas II wind farm


Together with the Ablitas and Cabanillas wind farm, the number of wind farms in Navarra will exceed 50. The turnover of the Navarre wind sector is about € 6,500 M per year. It generates more than 13,000 jobs, between direct and indirect. In addition, the wind sector is the third most important industrial sector in the Regional Community after the automotive and agri-food sector.