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Construction of two wind farms in La Araucanía 2019/11/15

Transbiaga currently builds two wind farms in the Araucanía Region (Chile) with a combined capacity of 267 megawatts.

The most advanced is San Gabriel, which will be composed of 61 AW132 / 3000 wind turbines of Nordex Acciona Windpower technology, a model designed to optimize energy collection at low wind sites.

With 3 MW of nominal power, each wind turbine will mount a 132 meter diameter rotor on a 120 meter high concrete tower, reinforced with earthquake technology.

The company also builds in the same area the Tolpán Sur wind farm, an 84 MW facility, composed of 28 turbines similar to those projected in San Gabriel, which will provide clean energy to another 137,000 homes.

The start-up of both parks is scheduled for 2020.


Construction of two wind farms in La Araucanía